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Horseback Riding Adventures

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Looking for great places to go horseback riding while on vacation?

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For something different, think about staying at a dude ranch.

Sometimes with all the daily stress it may seem like there's not much to look forward to except for more months of the same daily grind. Give yourself something to really look forward to...

a horseback riding adventure.

Horseback riding has lots of leisure value. Instead of whizzing by in a car, you walk or trot along country lanes or down forest paths. While horseback riding, you have time to really observe and enjoy the scenery that's all around you. Smell pine woods or freshly cut hay, listen to the water run in the stream while you give your horse a drink, hear the rhythm of your horse's hoofs against the earth.

Any place in the world looks better from the back of a horse.

If you choose a horseback riding vacation, you might want to spend some time perusing brochures that describe some exotic locations to visit on horseback. You can find all sorts of accommodations whether you are alone or in a group, ride English or Western, want a short or long trail ride, or desire an overnight horseback trip.

You can also find horseback riding trail adventures for people of any proficiency; basic, intermediate, or advanced.

Horseback riding vacations have soared in popularity, and are surprisingly affordable.

Imagine riding through forests in the Rocky Mountains, galloping along the beach in California, or camping by horseback in the Appalachians. The best way to really experience nature and the outdoors is by horseback.





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